JavaFX Draggable Tabs

The TabPane in JavaFX unfortunately does not provide mouse dragging / re-ording out of the box which is quite fustrating as users are now accustomed to doing that in their Browsers whey have Tabbed Browsing switched on.

There is a Jira Raised for this feature :

There Jira was targeted for Java 9, however Java 9 is now feature complete, so it’s likely Java 10 is the earliest we will see this being available.

Available Solutions


    This implementation draws a nice marker line as you drag the tabs around.

    This seems to be the simplest solution, its relatively easy to understand how it’s working (it works both Java 8 and Java 9-ea b158), in addition to the draggable tabs feature, it’s also detaching (tabs can be dragged out of the window into their own window).

    There is a few things you have to observe if you want to use it, as detailed in his blog.


    There is this project which seems to based on similar solution to above, it’s more polished, has some sample code under tests, it’s also published onto maven central

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